Aleta Vidal

Aleta Vidal was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied fine arts at the Manuel Belgrano School, then animation, later cartoon and illustration at the Villagran Studio. After several years ,in the field of animation for films and advertising, he decided to give more space to cartoons and illustration, illustrating children's books (My grandmother is a witch, The why of every thing, Tales with Princesses, Tales with monsters, Bruno Burbuja has a Brother), making book covers, graphics and video game concepts, publishing short comics in anthologies and magazines (Comiqueando, La Murcielaga, La Duendes, Fierro, Tinta Negra, Todos Mueren, Pumbapa) and graphic novels (Romeo and Julieta adapted, 11 Days, 21 Short Experiments -anthology-, A Sweet Little Gardener, heroes in the classroom). Some of these books were published in Uruguay, USA, Spain and Brazil. She is a teacher of drawing and comic strips for children in "Viñetas Sueltas", a group of which she is part.